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Your dog isn’t just a dog,  he’s your best friend.  He’s the ultimate outdoor companion, NOT a fashion accessory. Realtree® High Performance Dog Food is designed for stronger, faster, and more focused performance. You rely on him, and he relies on you. Don’t compromise.  Give your active dog the energy he needs to perform and succeed.

Your dog is your best friend and a hard working member of the family so he should be fed like one. We’re not talking about little “accessory” dogs stuffed into purses for a day at the mall. We’re talking about the hard working, highly active dogs that are part of your weekend outdoor excursions. Now you can ensure your dog receives the nutrition and energy needed through a high quality diet. It’s not just what your dog needs, it’s what your dog deserves.

Health and performance is top priority when it comes to your dog. That’s why Realtree® High Performance Dog Food has useful tips and tools to help give active dogs what they deserve for better performance.

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Realtree® 30/25 High Performance Dog Food is everything active dogs need to perform. Providing the nutrition and energy required for focus and endurance, get ready to get the most out of your dog. Our specialized formula uses only the highest quality ingredients for superior taste and digestibility.

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The Adventure Pack is an easy and convenient option for road trips, hunting excursions, or even just a weekend at the cottage. Don’t worry about packing enough food for the weekend, or finding a safe way to store it. The Adventure Pack contains 12 individually portioned meal servings of Realtree® 30/25 High Performance Dog Food.

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In 1986, Realtree® launched its first camouflage pattern. Today, the family-owned Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd., based in Columbus, Georgia, has become known as the world’s leading camouflage designer.

In the woods and in every day life, Bill Jordan and the Realtree® team forge strong connections between their partners and outdoors people. Realtree® is effective in the field, versatile for everyday use and synonymous with high quality, allowing their customers to pursue their passion for the outdoors while demonstrating their allegiance to the brand. This is our badge of outdoor honor.

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img_boblittleThe quality of the product interested me the most. Very few companies understand the nutritional requirements for sporting and working dogs. Realtree® High Performance Dog Food is unlike anything we have ever used. My dogs have never looked or performed better.
Bob LittlePresident of the Maritime Bird Dog Club

Everyone has a great story about a moment with their closest companion. Be it a great hunting trip deep in the woods, an amazing hike at sunset or just a moment of undeniable loyalty.

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